Do you need an author platform | What is an author platform, do you need one and how to start building it? Find the answer to these question. Read the article and listen to the podcast #authorpreneur #authormarketing #marketingtips

Do you need an author platform

Do you need an author platform and what actually is author platform?

In today’s episode of the Authorpreneur Lifestyle podcast I’m sharing with you some tips and useful information about what does author platform meen, do you and why do you need an author platform, as well as when to start building it.

What is an author platform

While I was researching today’s topic I found a great article about what is an author platform written by Jane Friedman.

She says,

Author platform is one of the most difficult concepts to explain, partly because everyone defines it a little differently.

– Jane Friedman, A Definition of Author Platform

So the author platform is the means by which an author can show his/her face to the world and can gain visibility.

The author platform is really a very complicated concept to explain because it’s not just having a website or blog, or email newsletter. It’s not just showing your face on the social platforms or going to writing conferences. It’s everything you do to let people hear of your existence as a writer and author.

The author platform is everything you do to let people hear of your existence as a writer. Click To Tweet

That means that building your author platform includes creating a website and blog, social media profiles, YouTube channel or Podcast, going on writers conferences, meeting with other writers and people from the publishing industry, creating different types of content and many other things.

Do you need an author platform

Although there is no clear explanation of what exactly the author platform includes, it’s not the same with the answer to the question Do you need one?

There is only one answer – YES.

If you want to sell your books you need people to know about them and about you. To do this you will need an author platform.

You need an author platform no matter whether you plan to self-publish or to follow the traditional path. In fact, it’s even more compulsory to have an author platform if you choose to go on the traditional road. Publishers and agents often check whether the authors have author platforms whether they’re known and have a readership. Who will publish your book if nobody has ever heard of you?

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How to start building your author platform?

The author platform does not include a single thing but rather it’s a combination of all the channels you use to get, let’s say it FAMOUS. Because people have to know you and what you can offer them in order to buy your books.

But where to start? That’s a complicated question. It depends on you.

I think that the first thing you absolutely need to do and one of the things you cannot go without is to make a social profile – you can choose whatever platform you feel most comfortable with – Twitter or Instagram. Facebook is a little different situation but you can use Facebook too. This is a must – to have a profile on one of the major social platforms.

The next thing that you can do totally up to you.

You can create a blog if you feel more comfortable just writing. But if you feel more creative and think that you’ll have the abilities and the time you can start a podcast or even a YouTube channel. But remember, whatever you choose, you have to be consistent. And don’t spread your powers on too many things. One social network and a blog are enough. Or a social network and a YouTube channel. I’ve made this mistake and tried to do everything but now started to learn from my mistakes.

Start creating content and show the world what you are doing. Meet with other writers, connect with them and start building your own community of followers, friends, and readers.

Of course, you shouldn’t forget about starting to build your email list if possible from day 1. It’s very important to have an email list and I talked about this in episode 3. If you haven’t listened to it, go and check it out.

What I did wrong and what I am doing now?

If you’re wondering, I have profiles on Instagram and Twitter, as well as a Facebook business page and a Facebook group. I also have a blog where I upload every episode of this podcast and from time to time write an article or two, and I have a YouTube channel.

The truth is that last year I decided to do everything. And I failed. Because it’s not possible. Instead this year I decided to focus on the podcast. I may start doing YouTube videos again later in the year but when I’m ready. For now just the podcast and the blog.

When it comes to the social platforms the main focus for this year for me is to grow my Instagram followers and also my Facebook group which is for mystery/thriller and crime writers. So if you’re writing in one of these genres, come and check the group.


So shortly this is what you need to know about the author platform.

And my advice is to start building yours as soon as you decide that you want to write. These days with all the competition it’s very difficult to grow your followers and subscribers. So the sooner you start thinking about this the better.

Do you need an author platform | What is an author platform, do you need one and how to start building it? Find the answer to these question. Read the article and listen to the podcast #authorpreneur #authormarketing #marketingtips

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